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The Better Learning Podcast is about improving education at all levels - Schools (public, charter, private, independent), Higher Education, & Corporate/Adult Learning. The major theme is to break down the silos and learn from others doing innovative things in education. We highlight innovative programs & initiatives, lessons learned, improvements to educational space, and real-world tactics while getting a deeper understanding of the people behind the innovation. Our guests include Heads of Schools, Superintendents, Principals, Entrepreneurs, Non-profit leaders and other innovators. Kevin Stoller, CEO of & author of Creating Better Learning Environments, is the host.

Oct 26, 2022

Teachers can't replace parents and schools can't solve all student ills. Yet in a lot of ways, our educational system still demands these efforts from our schools.

Erin Jones has been involved in and around schools for the past 26 years. She has taught in a variety of environments and some of the most diverse...

Oct 19, 2022

There is an urgency to support our students, teachers, and communities with learning environments that heal, nurture, and inspire. So how can our schools remake themselves to benefit health, learning, and feelings of belonging?

Our guest Claire Latané (la-ta-nay) is a writer, ecological designer, and Associate...

Oct 12, 2022

What was you experience as a kid with school?

Too many schools around the world still operate in a traditional manner, leaving future students to experience these same challenges that we faced years ago. If we are going to improve education, we need to continue to challenge the status quo and create change...

Oct 5, 2022

Community involvment is crucial when districts go through new construction or renovation.

Chris Potts, who is the Chief Operating Officer for the Upper Arlington City School District located in Columbus, Ohio, takes a deep dive into how the district went about getting community support during their major...